Pat Harrold


Program Director-CANDAC


Pat Harrold, MBA, RN, BSN
Program Director
Child and Adolescent Clinic / 971 11th Avenue / Longview, WA  98632 / (360) 577-1771


Pat has been a Registered Nurse for many years. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master’s in Business Administration / Healthcare Management. She has experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Mother/Baby Unit, Maternal-Child Health, school nursing, and Public Health Nursing. For 17 years she was in private practice as CEO/Director of a parent education and counseling agency with five offices located in Yakima, WA and on the Hawaiian Islands. Pat developed a parent assessment and a home-based parent education program to meet the needs of families involved with CPS and the court system. She has worked with families needing assistance to overcome difficulties with child abuse, neglect, drug/alcohol abuse, ADHD, autism, mental health conditions, and many other parenting difficulties. She is an NCAST Instructor and has taught many professionals how to use this parent/child interaction assessment in their work with families. Pat is the Program Director for the Child and Adolescent Clinic in Longview, WA. Pat and her hubby, Larry, enjoy their empty nest visits with kids and grandkids.