Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

Primary Care Triple P is a parenting program for parents of children ages 0-8 that provides guidance that is tailored to deal with specific problems for families. Because parents have all different needs, Triple P has many different ways for you to get parenting help; you can choose what will suit you and your family.

What is Primary Care: This is a brief and private way for parents to get Triple P support. There are usually four sessions. It will just be you (and your partner, if you wish) and your Triple P provider, there will be no other parents at these sessions.

Where do you get it: The CARE Project at Columbia Wellness. Serving Cowlitz, Wahkiakum, and South Lewis Counties. Call 360-353-9606 or email for more information.

What happens at the sessions: You will talk with your provider about the problem(s) specific to your family. You will discuss what might be causing these issues and what changes you'd like to see in the future. You'll be given suggestions to approach the problem and will be given a tip sheet to take home with information on the things you have discussed. You may also be shown a DVD dealing with similar problems with other children and families.

How long do sessions take: Sessions last from 15-30 minutes. Four sessions total make up a maximum of two hours.

Triple P can help you: Encourage positive behavior, deal with problem behavior, become confident as a parent, be realistic about parenting, and learning to take care of yourself.

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